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Royal treatment guarenteed

Serving the area for over 10 years.

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We Are More Than Just a Cleaning Company

We provide everything from residential housekeeping to estate management and everything in-between. Read about each cleaning service below to find the best fit for you.  

Recurring Cleaning

Are you looking for an ongoing local cleaning service to keep your home tidy as possible? We specialize in routinely scheduled house cleaning and can preform all necessary cleaning duties for your home. 

We pride ourselves on our excellent performance and strong customer service. Give yourself a break with the house cleaning chores and let us take over for you. 

Move In & Move Out Cleaning 

Did you just purchase or lease a new home? Or are you moving or selling your current home? 

If you are moving into your new place you don't want to deal with a mess left by the previous tenants; if you are moving out of your current home you don't want to lose your hefty deposit because you missed spots. Or worse have new buyers back out because you never cleaned behind the dressers. 

We also provide these services for landlords who want their properties clean as possible for their new tenants. 

Whatever your reasons are, our cleaning crew has the experience and skill to complete the job for you. 

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Are you in need of a reliable local team to tackle your vacation rental turns? Would you like a team to take the worry and stress of cleaning and prepping for your guests away? What about having a local team to tackle guest service calls?

Roslyn's Queen of Clean is full service concierge and cleaning service.  We will be your guests local contact and be available to show them how to start the propane fire place or assist them when they have locked themselves out of the home at 3 am.

Our guaranteed cleaning service will ensure a warm and inviting home for you and your guests. But we won't stop there... we all strive to provide the perfect guest experience, but inevitably there will be challenges; a backed up toilet, a locked out guest, a burnt out fuse, or perhaps guest just need extra toiletries. When those times arise and you are unable to attend we want to be there for you! 

Your home and guest experience is our number one priority. 


Commercial Clean

Roslyn's Queen of Clean  offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services to our clients. We understand the importance of a clean and professional business.  We are all trained to handle janitorial cleaning in many different environments. 

Schedule a walk-through today! 

Construction Cleaning

Let us help you! Are you a hired contractor that just completed a job? Or did you just have your home remodeled?

If so, you likely have a lot of dust and debris hanging around, even though construction is done. We at Queen of Clean will come quickly to your rescue to detail clean from top to bottom.  

With our flexible schedule we can start as soon as today! 

Estate Management 

Let us help you run your estate seamlessly. We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled service in order to streamline your home and make your life easier. Whether this entails securing you with the best qualified and fully vetted staff for you and your family or managing vendors we are excited to help. 

What our customers are saying

We have owned our property management company for 15 years and it is really challenging to say the least. Shauna and her crew are easy to work with, dependable, and they do a great job. 

Kathy Taylor 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

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Construction Clean 


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Commercial Cleaning 


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